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The Spiritual Significance of Brit Milah, Circumcision and the Sexual Relationship Between Men & Women

“A most remarkable and comprehensive exploration of every conceivable aspect of the covenant of ritual circumcision in the Jewish tradition, and goes to the depth of questions and understanding about the meaning of this practice, from the most personal and intimate to the most spiritual and mystical. I highly recommend this book for all parents who are concerned about this practice and whether to perform it on their son(s) and why, and for all Jewish clergy to study and learn more about this.”

– Rabbi Stan Levy, Congregation B’nai Horin,  Children of Freedom, Los Angeles, California, USA

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    “This courageous, forthright yet sensitive work refreshingly illumines the profound spiritual significance of the Jewish practice of circumcision and its practical influence on all aspects of our characters and behavior, and particularly upon the marital relationship and the building of our homes, our families and our people. Rabbi Gevirtz’s imaginative and insightful use of a wide array of teachings by the outstanding masters of Torah spirituality of all the ages will inspire Jewish couples facing the circumcision of a newborn baby and set to rest any anxieties they may experience. It will also provide a powerful and very timely antidote to the rampant moral confusion in the surrounding culture and the growing clamor of hostile voices raised in challenge against this fundamental pillar of Jewish purity and survival.”

    – Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum, Azamra Institute, Jerusalem, Israel


    “Rabbi Elihu Gevirtz has produced a new, learned, deeply searching and creative approach to the ancient rite of Brit Milah.  In this time when new Jewish parents are questioning even this most fundamental Jewish precept, Rabbi Gevirtz offers an approach that is grounded in tradition and also attuned to modern concerns and sensibilities.”

    – Rabbi Stephen E. Cohen, Congregation Bnai Brith, Santa Barbara, California, USA


    “I have looked through Rabbi Gevirtz’s book, and seen that it is GOOD. It presents a difficult subject in a very open and helping way. May its message reach many people, especially young people, but all people struggling with sexuality and its place in the spiritual life. I bless the author that the message of this holy book be spread far and wide, and that people understand the great gift it presents.”

    – Rabbi Avraham Sutton, Jerusalem, Israel


    “Rabbi Elihu Gevirtz has done a terrific job with this inspiring compilation of wisdom on the topic of brit milah. This book illustrates the intersection of ethics and kabbalah, bringing us a new elucidated understanding of this mitzvah, and the deep meaning laden within this Divine command.”

    – Rabbi Dr. Shmuly Yanklowitz, Uri L’Tzedek: Orthodox Social Justice, Phoenix, Arizona, USA


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